100% Business Loans - 500+ Fico Min 50K to 5 Million Close in 2-3 Days -100% Personal Loans 680+ Fico Min - 50K to 500K - Close 5-7 Days - 100% Refinance Loans O/O - N/O SFR, Multifamily, Nationwide - 100K - 25 Million For Larger Projects 25 Million to 500 Million + We Monetize Bank MTNs, BGs, SBLC, Employee Retention Tax Credit 26,000 per Employee....

100% Unsecured Working Capital For Restaurants and Bars, Liquor Stores, Bank Turn Downs, & Small Businesses, Mattress Store, Gas Station, Grocery Store, Medical Healthcare, Adult Care Facilities Dentists, Doctors, Veterinarians Pharmacists, and Optometrists Outpatient - Facilities, Hotels Motels, Spas, Gyms, Wholesale Distributor Manufacturing Plant Contractor Developer Plumbing Heating, Air Condition, Roofing Solar, - Auto Repair, - Financial Consulting, - and Management Consulting, Hair & Nail Salons, Several Retail Stores, Trucking Transportation, New Franchise Online Ecommerce, Animal Pet Adoption Center New/Used Car Dealership Recruiting Staffing Agency, - Mining Company, Tax Preparation Firm, - Consulting Services, Catering Companies Min 50k Up to 5 Million Dollars Within 2-3 Days Items Needed Application 6 Months Current -Business - Bank - Statements - Money Loan Uses Anything You Want • Expansion • Marketing • Business Capital Who Qualifies  500 Fico OK• BK OK • Tax liens

75% to 100% Commercial, Residential Financing Options 

Direct Private Money – Programs, Hard Money Loans, Fix & Flip, Real Estate Secure Lines of Credit, Real Estate Collateral, Apartment, Multi-Family Loans, – Rental Loans, No-Income-Verification Loans, NO-DOC Mortgage Loans, – DSCR Loans for Self-Employed Borrowers, Cash Out Refinance Loan, – 100% Refinance Your Investment Properties, Ground Up Construction, Residential Homes, and Mansions, Min 100K Up To 25 Million No Min Fico Close in 5 – 30 Days or Less. – For Larger Projects Min 25 Million to 500 Million Plus. Close in 90 to 120 Days – or Less, Hotels, Casinos, & Hotel Resorts, Commercial Construction Project Oil, Gas, Gold, – Diamonds, MTNs, BGs, SBLC, – Solar Farm Projects, Large – Ground Up – Construction Projects, – Business Acquisitions, Acquisition – Development – and Construction, Cannabis Projects, Large Sub Divisions, Partnership Programs – Private Lenders, LLC


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